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"I was a milkshake addict."

Before: 250 pounds
After: 191 pounds
Lost: 59 pounds 

For computer consultant Mitchell Goroff, traveling–and the loneliness that came with it–was a big part of the job. "Being on the road, I missed my family," he recalls, "and I'd deal with it by treating myself to milkshakes." Soon, Mitchell reached 250 pounds. "When I saw that number on a scale," he explains, "I knew it was time to get serious about losing weight." 

"My waist went from a size 44 to a 34." 

"Before," Mitchell says, "when my son and daughter coaxed me into playing outside, I'd be wiped out after five minutes. Now, they get tired before I do!" Mitchell's results also changed the way he buys clothes. "I shed 10 inches from my waist," he explains, "and went from an extra-large shirt to a medium." And, because of the ShapeWorks® products, the self-described milkshake addict went from virtually no exercise to lifting weights and running several times a week.* 

"The best part is that I love these shakes!" 

Here's how: 

• Listen to testimonials first. You go in believing it can work, and it'll work. 
• Find the shake flavor you love. That can make all the difference. 

Formula 1 (Cookies 'n Cream), Cell-U-Loss® and Joint Support-Glucosamine with Herbs. 

*The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals and are not a guarantee nor are they typical.


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