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"We've Got It Down"

Before: 300 pounds
After: 202 pounds
Lost: 98 pounds

Before: 197 pounds
After: 123 pounds
Lost: 74 pounds 

Along with the love and joy of having a newborn, Carmen experienced something she didn't expect—unhappiness from not being able to lose the extra pounds she had put on during her pregnancy. Carmen and Alfredo were first introduced to Herbalife products because Alfredo had digestive problems. As he began to feel better, Carmen realized they could further benefit from Herbalife by losing their unwanted weight through the ShapeWorks® Program. 

"My whole body was reacting badly to all the different diets I was putting it through." 
Prior to Herbalife, Carmen felt numerous physical ill effects from fad diets and knew that she was causing her body harm. But, when she began the Shapeworks® Program with Total Control®, she never felt like she was on a diet. 

"Most diets are about not eating this or that, but with Herbalife I was eating five times a day." 
Carmen finds that the Shapeworks® line of products works because it concentrates on nutrition and overall health for long-term weight loss. Herbalife products leave you satisfied, so you make better food choices. 

"Our lives are totally different!" 
Having both reshaped their bodies, Carmen and Alfredo also improved their energy, enhanced their self-esteem, and created a livelier atmosphere at home for their family. 

"We now have the confidence to be proud of who we are." 
Today, Carmen is 74 pounds lighter and her husband 98 pounds. While their family still eats many of the same foods they used to enjoy, the trio has incorporated more fruits and vegetables into the mix. Carmen loves the fact her entire family looks and feels better than ever before.* 

"It's about so much more than losing weight—now we're happy and healthy, too." 
Here's How: Regular exercise–both aerobic activity and weight training. Continued use of Herbalife's weightloss products– including the ShapeWorks® one-shake-a-day maintenance plan. Taking the 21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program every three months. 

*The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals and are not a guarantee nor are they typical.


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